connect conference - Thematic concept



  • Status 5G - Where are we today?
  • Business cases - How does 5G earn money?
  • Infrastructure - Who builds the network?
  • Hardware - How important is the smartphone?
  • Narrowband IoT - Do we connect everything with everything?
  • Sevices - Which applications save us from the bitpipe ghost?
  • Nothing gained nothing lost? Challenges on the way to 5G


  • Speed without limit? How much bandwidth do we need (when)?
  • Fiber or cable? Who's doing the race?
  • Applications - What do we need 1GB/s for?


  • One way street - Does only 5G lead to autonomous driving?
  • Service in the car - in-app purchases 2.0?
  • The role of the supply industry - The idea generator of the automotive industry?
  • The car 2025 - What are the next steps?
  • Competition China - Everything faster?


  • AR, VR, AI in context - networks and connect@car
  • Safety 360° (data, theft, system security)
  • Chances for SME
  • The virtual car showroom



Dirk Waasen, publishing manager, and Marc-Oliver Bender, chief editor connect,

announcing the connect conference 2018




review of the connect Conference 2017


The big industry gathering had the motto "the future of telecommunications and services". Look here for a review and numerous expert interviews!

On June 1st, 2017, connect once again brought together many of the big names in the mobile communications industry in Munich to take a look at the future of telecommunications. In lectures and panel discussions network operators and representatives from industry and research spoke about the new mobile communications standard 5G and the new technical possibilities that accompany it.

The connect event took place in the Ten Towers in Munich. Watch the video review here - that was the connect conference 2017!



The connect conference 2017 in Munich.


connect conference 2017: interview with Cayetano Carbajo Martín


Cayetano Carbajo Martín, CTO Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG, gave the keynote on the topic "The new Telefónica network and its impact for the future rollout of 5G".


connect conference 2017: Interview with Michael Reinartz


Michael Reinartz, Bereichsleiter Innovation - Vodafone Deutschland, talked about "Innovationen als Treiber für die Gigabit-Gesellschaft".


All further interviews with the speakers can be found here