Pitch day of the breakthrough 2020 award and Exhibit Open End on April 30th

The breakthrough award will take place in 2020 for the fourth time in succession. Participating start-ups will be presented on www.break- From February to March 2020, a user voting will take place, in which users vote for what they believe to be the most promising start-ups. This voting results in a shortlist. As part of connect-ec, start-ups in the shortlist have the opportunity to pitch in front of an audience and a top-class jury at the break- through 2020 award. The award ceremony will take place on the evening of April 30th. The win- ning start-up re- ceives media services in the online and print media of WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING in the amount of 300,000 EUR and 10,000 EUR in cash. The second-placed team receives 150,000 EUR in media ser- vices and 4,000 EUR in cash. And the third-placed company receives 50,000 EUR in media services and 2,000 EUR in cash. For all information about the breakthrough award visit:

The award ceremony takes place during the Exhibit Open End. Here, the doors of the exhibit remain open longer than on the other days of the exhibit and there will be a party with live music of the band Stereoact and good food from foodtrucks.

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