29 & 30 April 2020 - Messe Dresden

For the first time, the connect conference became connect-ec, short for exhibit and conference.

A new event format combined a specialist congress with visitor days, both around the topics of mobile com- munications, home networking, landline and connected car. Then, the team was super proud on the ope- ning day, when the large conference room with 400 seats was filled to the last seat. Reasons: Outstanding speakers with provocative theses and plain-talking politicians – warmest thanks to Prime Minister Kretsch- mer, who was rewarded with strong applause from the audience for his statement that the network opera- tors’ money should rather be invested in the expansion of the network than in the auction.

On the two public days, the visitors were glad that they could finally "inform themselves without ruffle or ex- citement" about the new TK products, test the current e-Golfs, experience VR worlds or just have their smartphone repaired on site.

We are already looking forward to the connect-ec 2020 from 29 April until 2 May 2020 in Dresden. All about the 2019 event can be read on the following pages.

Networking is provided by three antennas and modems on the roof, which, thanks to a specially developed gateway with up to 1000 Mbit/s, provide triple 4G throughput. In the future, even a triple 5G bandwidth is to be achieved, which should enable autonomous driving in higher levels. From market launch, the M-Byte masters autonomy level 3 and is later to achieve level 4 via software updates.

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