General accreditation guidelines for journalists at the connect-ec

As organizers, we offer journalists an easy access to all information about our congress through your registration.

Accreditation is granted exclusively for the purpose of journalistic reporting. WEKA Media Publishing GmbH (organizer) therefore reserves the right to verify proof of jounalistic activity, even though a press card was presented.

In some individual cases WEKA Media Publishing GmbH also reserves the right to present a valid ID with photo.

There is no right to accreditation.

A press accreditation can be issued for:

A holder of a valid press card of a domestic or foreign jounalists´ association

A holder of a valid press card of a domestic or foreign trade jounalist association with thematic reference to connect-ec

German or interational citizens who can prove their jounalistic (also photojounalistic) activity as follows:

a) By submitting published articles showing their names. The article can not be older than 6 months at the time of the event

b) By presenting the imprint in which you are mentioned as editor or permanent editorial staff member or author, being not older than 6 months at the time of the event

c) By web link to a self-created online publication which is known in the respective trade fair  community. In these special cases, an advanced accreditation is required due to increasd efforts

d) By submitting that you are working for school newspapers or by submitting a valid ID card from a youth press organization, not older than 6 months

e) By submitting a written work order from a full editorial office reference to the current trade fair

I have read the press accreditation guidelines.

Legitimation can either be a copy of a valid journalist´s identity card recognized by us, a copy of an editorial certificate or the imprint (listing your name) of your publication. We will request this if required.

We ask for your understanding that all non-editors, such as marketing or advertising managers, are excluded from receiving the press card.


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